Monday, June 23, 2014

DowngradeDowngrade by Jacqueline Patricks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I read, "You don't read a Jacqueline Patricks story, you experience it!" I thought, "Yea right, OK." I was skeptically three paragraphs into this story when I'll be damned if I wasn't experiencing it! As I got further into the story, my mind was experiencing two things; the accuracy and realism of the story being told to me, and the recollection of a number of very similar calls that I had been on during my twenty-years working in emergency medicine.
Not only was I sucked into the story by the exceptional writing, but also because...that's exactly the way it is. I was breathing through my mouth and waiting to look right behind Jacqueline Patricks fictionalized medic. If anyone wants to, as the author put it, "experience what a paramedic feels," step no further-Downgrade is as real as it gets. The language used in this story...sorry grandma...but it's the language of EMS exactly as I remember it.
Having never heard of Jacqueline Patricks prior to this, I found her here, to be as professional and well trained with the written word, as she is as a paramedic. I will recommend Downgrade all day long. Nice job Patricks!

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