Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm thinking of writing sympathy & get well cards

I'm thinking about getting into the sympathy card business. By that I mean writing all the beautiful thoughts and feelings that go inside sympathy cards.
I've been told that I have a nak for saying things other people would never dream of saying to anyone, let alone someone who needs a sympathy card.
That was all the encouragement I needed to hear. I began writing.

One of my good friends was having a horrible time with her uterus. I won't go into it but, it sure made me glad I didn't have one. When her doctor told her it had to come out, she was excited. She'd already had her kids and she was sick of having periods. She couldn't wait to get rid of it.

When she woke up in her hospital room after the surgery, this card was waiting for her.

Dear Uterless, (That's not her real name)
My condolences to you on your loss.
I was so sorry to hear that your uterus didn't make it.
I know that it's little comfort now, but we need to remember
that your uterus had a rich and wonderful life.
We are but Mortals. We will all, someday,
make that lonely trip to pathology.
Take comfort in that I'm sure your uterus is in a far better place now.
A beautiful place, where your uterus can sing and jump and
play with all the other little uterus's.
If you ever feel a void within, try and think of the good times you
and your uterus shared together.
Things will get better.

She laughed so hard she popped a couple sutures or something and they had to take her back down to the operating room.

Now I have to write a sympathy card for a sympathy card.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This past Veterans Day made me wonder if anyone was familiar with the name Joe R. Hooper?

Joe Hooper was one of the most decorated soldiers in US Military history. He is the most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War.
He was awarded the Medal of Honor, two Silver Stars, six Bronze Stars, eight Purple Hearts, the list goes on and on.

In 1977 my father introduced me to him in a VFW hall in Seattle. I got to shake Joe Hooper's hand. It wasn't until years later when I realized the significance of who I had met that day.

Arguably the most decorated soldier in US Military history. Think about that for a moment.

Joe Hooper died in 1979 at the age of 40 from a cerebral hemorrhage.
Let's not forget who Joe Hooper was.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've been published in the humor anthology, My Funny Major Medical! Three of my stories were included in this book by My Funny Books and Bauu Press. They are: Butt Smoke, Don't Be Fooled By The Cold, Blue Body, and Stop Smacking The Little Guy.

Contributing authors are columnists, comedians, authors and TV writers. The eBook is only $2.99 for a limited time, so buy one now! Available at and Barnes & Noble. Click here to read it.