Saturday, September 29, 2012

32 Things Laughter Does

32 things laughter does,
that you may not be aware of.
1. Lowers blood pressure
2. Increases oxygen in the body
3. Decreases anxiety
4. Burns five calories per hour
5. Decreases pain in lab mice
6. Makes brain release dopamine (sex, gambling, sex)
7. Helps immune system
8. Feels really good
9. Builds trust and rapport among people
10. Makes some women pee uncontrollably
11. Makes some women take their clothes off
12. Releases endorphins-the body’s natural pain killers
13. Makes chimps jump up and down and shake trees
14. It’s contagious
15. Improves function of blood vessels
16. Reduces road rage and feelings of anger
17. Is unavoidable when taking LSD and other hallucinogens
18. Gets men out of trouble. Second only to flowers and diamonds
19. Makes abdominal muscles hurt
20. Is the only exercise couch potato’s get
21. Makes people wonder what’s so funny
22. Draws a crowd
23. Causes explosive expulsion of food from oral cavity
24. Causes explosive expulsion of carbonated fluids through nasal cavity
25. Promotes peace and good will
26. Enables people to keep sanity
27. Has no effect on wild stampeding herd of elephants
28. Causes spontaneous flatulence during sex
29. Related to thirty-two choking deaths per year
30. Has antidepressant qualities
31. Great way to pick up chicks
32. It’s free

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